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Life at Brunel drives your potential, skills, and knowledge to exceed limitations. You can reach new heights in your professional and personal goals with our support. We help professionals obtain competitive remuneration & benefits while building their professional networks. We take care of all recruitment, administrative, and operational processes so you can focus on meeting your career objectives. Brunel’s passionate and result-driven employees make sure the suited candidate matches each vacancy within record time. With Brunel, your opportunities expand as your profile becomes part of our Global database, even for a local job application.

Your perks and benefits?

  • With you, 24/7 - Our specialists are readily available to address your needs, concerns, and resolve all issues.
  • Continuous Career Development - We extend our partnership even after the completion of your project, helping you identify related openings with our pool of clients.
  • Geographical Presence in India - Our experts can meet your requirements swiftly due to our strategic presence all over India.
Our services focus on in-depth knowledge of the relevant market segments and related disciplines. Our recruitment process is thorough and purposeful, resulting in hiring the best talent and shaping your desired career path.

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Our Hiring Process Steps

Stand out from the crowd with your application

You can submit a compelling resume and cover letter online for any role related to your experience and educational qualifications.

Screening & Shortlisting

Our in-house recruitment team evaluates your resume. If the profile matches the initial criteria, we inform you or conduct an initial telephone interview to know more about your background. 

Interviews - Make an impression

At the job interview, you can present your expertise in the technical and HR round plus inquire about the job role with the hiring manager.

Presenting Offer Letter – Hired for the job!

Congratulations on your new job! We look forward to welcoming you to Brunel, where you will grow alongside your colleagues, make a difference, and jump-start your career.

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