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Competitive, flexible project solutions with spectacular workforce

Hiring contractual staff requires meticulous checks that can drain your team’s energy and productivity. Keeping your strategic goals in mind of growing capacity, flexibility, or efficiency, our contract hiring service helps companies control costs, secure exceptional quality hires, and conform to high HSE standards.

From Project Managers and Engineers to Technicians and Welders, we cater to your unique requests and bandwidths.


Compliance Backed With Best Service Quality

We have a renowned corporate compliance culture across businesses and operations. Our knowledge and experience of local in-country laws and regulations help us upgrade our processes with the latest compliance standards for better delivery.

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Reduced costs and increased efficiency

Partnering with Brunel ensures sustainable value creation, cost reduction, and gaining a competitive edge in the market place.


Simplified payroll operations for better people management

Our streamlined payment services create a smooth, hassle-free experience. Our operational systems and team are equipped to handle time-sheets, payroll, taxes, and bonuses seamlessly.


Unparalleled devotion to health and safety at work

Brunel stands out in its commitment to the safety and security of its workers. We believe that every employee has the right to work and live in a safe environment based on the principles of care, trust, learning, ownership, and accountability. We actively engage at an early stage to clarify HSE laws and requirements to implement the client's or sector-specific standards.


Our commitment to sustainability

We commit to respect, support, and follow your policies and procedures to operate sustainably. We also manage our internal operations to work in an environmentally responsible manner.

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Unrivaled recruitment standards with great results

We help you choose candidates matching the skills, attitudes, and competencies essential to scale swiftly. From creating job descriptions to producing strategic hiring plans and progress reports, we offer the optimum solutions for your project to succeed.

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Dedicated on-site support to minimize administration work

Working at remote site locations can have unexpected, complicated technological and logistic difficulties. Brunel’s all-in-one Food, Accommodation, and Transport (FAT) services hand over the perfect people for the position while sufficing all of their material requirements, removing the unexpected hassles from remote site operations. Brunel also provides additional support with managing PPEs and tools.

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Bespoke solutions for project and bulk hiring

We offer customized recruitment solutions to meet your needs. If you need to rapidly expand your business, set up a new department, or on-board a big project team, Brunel can work with you to achieve your hiring goals in a short period.

Overcome workforce challenges with our comprehensive solutions

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